“This book is uncluttered and insightful. I was relieved to find that it didn’t include testimonials or grotesque details of the actual act of pedophilia, since this is unnecessary”.

“I was further gladdened that I did not have to relive any unbearable childhood memory in order to get to the meat of this book. At one point, it actually enlightened me about where my emotional maturity was initially crippled”.

“I found hope as I became more knowledgeable about this friendly enemy, exposed as a spirit that creeps through generations, hiding itself in secrets and acts of darkness”.

“My biggest fear is that one of my children would fall prey to this evil. In order to deal with this enemy, we must expose him. Lord, help me to do this. I believe this book is effective and grateful that the author is compassionate and delivers a clear message from beginning to end. Lorraine Fast defends our most treasured ones, and not without love for the enemy. In this way, she certainly heaps many coals upon his head”.

(A Victim of Child Sexual Abuse)


“Finally, I know how to talk to my children about sexual abuse and the dangers of trafficking. The Friendly Enemy Books are perfect for parents to use for this dreaded task. The Children’s and Adolescent Workbooks are simple but thorough. Thanks for these books”.

(A concerned Parent)


“My hope is that The Friendly Enemy Books will be successful in helping to stop this thing from happening. I was molested as a small boy and didn’t realize that it would one day surface and that I would become the “Enemy”. I spent time in prison after I molested my girlfriend’s twelve year old son”.

“My life is different now because I realize that is not who I want to be. I have to let everyone know what I did so that even my friends keep me accountable. Even my church knows what I did and that I need their help to stay accountable”.

“These books are very important in the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse and my hope is that someday everyone will read them”.

Bob (A victim and a sexual abuser)


“Guilt over my abuse as a young girl overwhelmed me Thirty years ago when the author brought The Friendly Enemy Children’s Book to my home. We were and are best friends, but she, nor anyone else in the world, had any idea that I had been a victim of the very thing she had just written about in that little book”.

“As I read the first page I could only get up off my chair and run into my bedroom, hide in a corner and cover my face in my hands. Once I was able to compose myself I told my whole story to my dear friend who is now like a sister to me”.

“Through this work I have come to realize that this was not a problem that is unknown to literally millions of children and adolescents around the world”.

“If one child finds a voice in today’s world it is worth all the effort put into these books”.

“Thank you for giving me and all children the opportunity to know we could “TELL” someone; and to hear, “It’s not your fault”.

“Most importantly, when my step father, the man who victimized me, grew old I heard that he was a victim of Alzheimer. I am a Registered Nurse so I went to see what condition he was in. When I saw how helpless he had become I was filled with compassion. I began to remember all of the good times we had as father and daughter and the pain of the bad times began to fade. They will always be there in the back of my memory, but I was able to bring him into my home and care for him until the day he died”.

“Forgiveness is the key to healing from sexual abuse. I was able to turn the bad side of all that had happened over to a higher power to judge. Though the memories still lingers, I can drown them out with the fact that I have lived a good life with a wonderful husband for 40 years and have four wonderful children of my own”.

“To this day I am a real advocate of The Friendly Enemy Books”.

Sincerely, Vickie Abbott


“The Friendly Enemy Education is one of the best sets of curriculum available to create awareness and educate children, teens, and adults about the growing epidemic of child abuse and exploitation in our global society. Lorraine Fast vividly defines, describes, and diagnose the “tell-tell” signs of abuse and predators through her divine revelation and research of this subject. This material is comprehensive in its approach in that it also offers hope, healing and restoration through forgiveness found only through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I highly recommend this downloadable curriculum as a thorough and timely resource in response to the cries of this generation!”

Dr. Angel Duncan

Our Angelik

   “After visiting Haiti this past year and seeing how the families and children live, I have no words to describe their living conditions--only vivid memories”.

   There once was a child by the name of Angelik who only wanted a glass of safe drinking water.  Do any of us know the price we would pay for a glass of water?  Our Angelik paid the price”!

   Dr. Rick was in Haiti with a medical mission team when a young girl; approximately the age of 5 was brought to him by her mother.  When he examined the child it was obvious, she had been sexually abused.  Why?  The cause was for a glass of safe drinking water.  So many of our children are abused today but, in my lifetime, I’ve never known a child to be abused for something we take so lightly as a glass of drinking water”. 

    “I can still see the small children standing along the dirt roads outside their one-room shacks--shacks without windows, electricity, or running water.  It is quite common for these shacks to house 8 or 10 people--or more”.

    “These children, lined along the roads outside of their homes, had nothing at all to play with.  Their only toys were rocks and sticks.  I didn't see one baby doll anywhere for a little girl to hold and love.  I didn't see one ball for a little boy to kick or throw”.

   “We made a difference for these children. A team of doctors traveled to Haiti a few years ago and brought a load of baby dolls and soccer balls. With them a load of The Friendly Enemy Children’s Books on the Awareness and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse was also brought and distributed. The book was translated into Creole, the language of Haiti”.


Kindest regards,

Linda Dean, Founder of the Angelik Project