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The Friendly Enemy Adolescent Workbook


   The trading of sex slaves generates over $9.5 billion per year while targeting 300,000 teens, ages 12-14, in the U.S. alone. The Adolescent Workbook defines abuse perpetrated by The Friendly Enemy and describes how adolescents can protect themselves against it.

   Included is a program called Getting To Know All About Me. This awesome feature gives kids an opportunity to think about “Who They Are, Really”, how they think, feel, perform and how to make the right kinds of decisions through knowledge and understanding. It is fun, interesting and thought provoking, leaving them feeling in charge and satisfied about their progress, moving in the right direction toward a healthy adulthood.


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Table of Contents

Section One: What is an Adolescent?                                          

Section Two: What is Sexual Abuse?                                           

Section Three: Who is to Blame?                                                   

Section Four: Thinking for Yourself                                    

Section Five: What kind of People are Sexual Abusers?

Getting To Know All About Me                                                       

Section Six: Age of Consent Laws                                    

Section Seven: Date Rape Drugs- What’s That?            

Section Eight: What is Sexting?                                                     

Getting To Know All About Me                                                       

Section Nine: Learning about STD’s- Being Responsible

Section Ten: Is it “Getting Lucky” or is it Sexual Abuse? 

Section Eleven: Who should I talk to?                                            

Section Twelve: Protect Yourself against Internet Dangers

Getting To Know All About Me                                                       

Section Thirteen: Trafficking In Persons- What Is It?                    

Section Fourteen: Incest- The wrong kind of love             

Section Fifteen: If You are a Victim- What To Expect                  

Getting To Know All About Me                                                       

Section Sixteen: Reviewing what you’ve learned             

Section Seventeen: How do I protect myself and others?           

Section Eighteen: Recognizing The Friendly Enemy                   

Section Nineteen: “Grooming” the Victim                         

Section Twenty: Dealing with threats from the abuser                 

Section Twenty One: Who can I trust?                                           

Getting To Know All About Me                                                       

Section Twenty Two: What do I do with the Memories?  


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