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Awareness and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

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Our Angelik

   “After visiting Haiti this past year and seeing how the families and children live, I have no words to describe their living conditions--only vivid memories”.

   There once was a child by the name of Angelik who only wanted a glass of safe drinking water.  Do any of us know the price we would pay for a glass of water?  Our Angelik paid the price”!

   Dr. Rick was in Haiti with a medical mission team when a young girl; approximately the age of 5 was brought to him by her mother.  When he examined the child it was obvious, she had been sexually abused.  Why?  The cause was for a glass of safe drinking water.  So many of our children are abused today but, in my lifetime, I’ve never known a child to be abused for something we take so lightly as a glass of drinking water”. 

    “I can still see the small children standing along the dirt roads outside their one-room shacks--shacks without windows, electricity, or running water.  It is quite common for these shacks to house 8 or 10 people--or more”.

    “These children, lined along the roads outside of their homes, had nothing at all to play with.  Their only toys were rocks and sticks.  I didn't see one baby doll anywhere for a little girl to hold and love.  I didn't see one ball for a little boy to kick or throw”.

   “We made a difference for these children. A team of doctors traveled to Haiti a few years ago and brought a load of baby dolls and soccer balls. With them a load of The Friendly Enemy Children’s Books on the Awareness and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse was also brought and distributed. The book was translated into Creole, the language of Haiti”.


Kindest regards,

Linda Dean, Founder of the Angelik Project



In November 2016, 120 Girl Scouts and their Moms met with female Deputy Sheriffs in Columbus, Georgia.


The Deputies taught the girls self defense and a representative from our organization made puppets with the girls and then read The Friendly Enemy Children’s Workbook to them. Each girl was given a workbook to take home.

The event was a complete success and we received very positive feedback from all who attended.

Below is a note from the Program Director of the Girl Scouts in Columbus. 



“I can’t thank you enough for all that you do. The topic you discuss with children is not an easy one; but, the way you have created your material makes it so age appropriate”.


“Thank you for working with the Girl Scouts. We could not have done this without you”.



Each Girl Scout received this patch for participating in the event.